Jack Collins
Graphic Designer

︎Brooklyn, New York


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︎︎︎ Ben’s Best Blnz
︎︎︎ The New Republic
︎︎︎ Calendly
︎︎︎ Cinematrix
︎︎︎ Regeneration
︎︎︎ Arthur
︎︎︎ CTRL-labs
︎︎︎ Toronto Tomorrow
︎︎︎ Solar Spirit
︎︎︎ lululemon practice
︎︎︎ SOON Poster
︎︎︎ Platform
︎︎︎ Sula
︎︎︎ Pyer Moss
︎︎︎ Samsung Galaxy S8

︎︎︎ Three Men in a Tub


Jack Collins is a graphic designer who makes brands, books, magazines, identities, posters, icons, typefaces, websites, apps, illustrations, pixel art, packaging, signage and other such things.

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SOON Poster

Poster design in aid of Covid-19 relief for ISPCC Childline and Women's Aid.